About Events

Events are things of mild to great significance that happen throughout the calendar year in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf". Some events happen without any real change or significance to your game play while others may have you take part in various actions that reward you with items. Some events even change the world around you such as snowballs showing up in your town allowing you to make snowmen or the cherry blossoms that start falling from the sky in Spring.

Some events are specific to the country your game came from you might find that some of the events don't happen to you, because it isn't celebrated in your counrty. Don't worry- there is nothing wrong with your game. Some events are even specific to the language your 3DS is set to. You can celebrate events that are not celebrated in your own version by visiting a town that does celebrate them. For instance, celebrate Obon by visiting a Japanese friend while Obon is happening! Please note that this will not work by going in a dream, as you won't be able to speak to anyone properly and you won't get any items from anyone.

Event List

The following special events take place in Animal Crossing: New Leaf:
Note: Not all days or events are currently listed.

Environmental Changes

At various points during the year, the environment will change. These changes will always fall on the same date each year. This includes when the ground becomes snow covered, when your trees and grass start to turn certain colours and more. There are several thing that you can do on these weather changes, such as building snowmen when it snows. Doing these things can get you exclusive items. Some of these are found in odds and ends.

For further information on the weather and environmental changes, please visit the Weather page.

Calendar of Events

Key for reading the Calendar:
JP: Japanese Version
EU: European Version
NA: North American Version
SK: South Korean Version

Current Event Calendar




1st: New Year's Day
15th: Daeboreum (SK)
18th: Fishing Tournament

2nd: Groundhog Day (NA)
3rd: Setsubun (JP)
--1st to 3rd : Nookling's sells sushi and beans.
8th: Fishing Tournament
14th:Valentine's Day

3rd: Hina Matsuri (JP)
--1st to 3rd: Able Sister's sell Emperor's Cap & Empress's Tiara Wig.
--1st to 3rd: Nooklings sell Hinaningyou & the Blossom Lantern.
3rd: Festivale
--Able Sisters will sell Samba Outfit during the week prior to Festivale.
2nd: Weeding Day (SK)
15th: Fishing Tournament
17th: Shamrock Day (NA & EU)
19th: Father's Day (EU- Spain & Italy)

Mother's Day (EU): The date for this varies
and depends on the language used on your DS



1st: April Fool's Day
5th: Arbor Day (SK)
5-7th: Cherry Blossom petals will 'fall from the sky'
12th: Fishing Tournament
20th: Bunny Day
22nd: Earth Day (NA)
25th: Weeding Day (NA)
26th: Weeding Day (EU)

Mother's Day (EU): The date for this varies
and depends on the language used on your DS

1st to 5th: Nookling's Shop sell Carp Banner (JP)
4th: Mother's Day (Spanish)
5th: Children's Day (JP)
8th: Parent's Day (SK)
11th: Mother's Day (NA, JP, EU- German & Italian)
15th:Teacher's Day (SK)
17th: Fishing Tournament
25th: Mother's Day (EU-French)
Father's Day: (EU-German, date varies)

15th: Father's Day (NA, JP, EU- French & English)
21st: Bug-off
21st: Summer Solstice



7th: Starcrossed Day/Tanabata (JP)
19th: Bug-off

Fireworks: On Sundays
15th: Obon (JP)
16th: Bug-off

1st: Labor Day
3rd: Weeding Day (JP)
9th: Otsukimi/Chuseok/Autumn Moon (JP, SK, NA & EU)
20th: Bug-off



1st: Nooklings starts selling Spooky Furniture
and candy (Needed for Halloween)
1st: The Able Sisters start selling Masks
(Needed for Halloween).
11th: Fishing Tournament
13th: Explorer's Day (NA)
31st: Halloween

1st: Start searching for mushrooms beneath trees.
1st - 4th Thursday of Nov: Harvest series may be
available in your Nookling's store
15th: Fishing Tournament

1st: You can buy festive items such as glow wands instead
of fortune cookies from the Nookling's
1-24th: Santa clothing can be bought from the Able Sisters.
You need it for Toy Day so get it while it's there.
1-23rd: Festive furniture may be available at
your Nookling's store.
1-23: Villager's will give you hints about what gift's they
want for Toy Day.
6th: Naughty-or-Nice Day (EU)
21st: Winter Solstice
24th: Toy Day
31st: Countdown to the New Year!

Old Calendars

2013 Event Calendar
1st: New Years
19th: Fishing Tournament
2nd: Groundhog Day (North America)
3rd: Setsubun (Japan)
11th: Festivale
16th: Fishing Tournament
2nd: Weeding Day (S. Korea)
16th: Fishing Tournament
17th: Shamrock Day (North America/Europe)
19th: Father's Day (Spain/Italy)
31st: Bunny Day
1st: April Fool's Day
5th: Arbor Day (Korea)
13th: Fishing Tournament
22nd: Nature Day (North America)
26th: Weeding Day (North America/Europe)
5th: Children's Day (Japan)
5th: Boy's Day (North America)
8th: Parent's Day (Korea)
15th: Teacher's Day (Korea)
18th: Fishing Tournament
15th: Bug-Off
16th: Father's Day (North America/UK)
21th: Summer Solstice
7th: Starcrossed Day (Japan)
20: Bug-Off
4th, 11th, 18th, 25th: Fireworks Show
15th: Obon (Japan)
17th: Bug-Off
2nd: Labor Day (North America)
3rd: Grass Day (Japan)
19th: Autumn Moon
21st: Bug-Off
12th: Fishing Tournament
14th: Explorer's Day (North America)
31st: Halloween
16th: Fishing Tournament
28th: Harvest Festival
14th: Fishing Tournament
22nd: Winter Solstice
24th: Toy Day
31st: New Years Countdown