A fruit can be planted to create another fruit tree. Dig a shovel hole with plenty of room for the resulting tree to grow; don't move or put away the shovel, but open your inventory and press the fruit to be planted. The tree will mature to create three fruit in four days. If you keep planting your fruit, you will soon have an orchard.

Harvesting fruit

Shake fruit trees (using the "A" button), then pick up the fruit to sell. (No bees, bells, or furniture will fall from trees bearing fruit.) Fruit will reappear on the trees three days later. Every town starts with one kind of fruit. This native fruit will be one of five: apples, cherries, oranges, peaches or pears. Native fruit will sell at Re-Tail for 100 bells each. In your pocket, you can "drag and drop" nine fruit of the same species onto one circular spot. This significantly reduces both the time needed to harvest and the grass worn in the process.

While harvesting fruit, carefully look for "perfect fruit". A perfect fruit will be different colored from normal fruit, some may be different shaped depending what fruit it is. There is usually one perfect fruit in your town when your town is created. Native perfect fruit sell at Re-Tail for 600 bells each. You can bury it with a shovel to grow a perfect fruit tree. If you sell it, though, don't fret, because another perfect fruit can appear on your native fruit trees in the future. A perfect fruit tree will bear fruit only four, five, six, or seven times. Then, it will shed its leaves and will not bear any more fruit. If you wish to continue to harvest, you will have to replant.

Over time, harvesting fruit can be a dependable way to earn money. As more perfect fruit appear, plant them to multiply their availability. To get the other four fruits not native to your town, trade with friends or wait for gifts from villagers. One will dependably be given you as a gift from Isabelle: visit her in the mayor's office. She will give instructions about living in your town (replacing Tom Nook's advice in City Folk). She will soon ask for a seashell. When you visit her with one in your pocket, she will ask for it and give you a stack of three foreign fruit in return. These sells for 500 bells each at Re-Tail. When you get them, plant them with your shovel so that you can harvest in the future. You will eventually have access to tropical fruit from the Islands. They are bananas, coconuts, durians, lemons, lychees, and mangoes. Persimmons arrive as gifts or purchases from the garden store (after the opening of the T&T Emporium). All tropical fruit sell at Re-Tail for 250 bells each.

If you wish to base your economy on harvesting fruit, the 'Bell Boom' ordinance will increase the selling price of a tropical fruit from 250 to 300 bells, that of a non-native, temperate fruit from 500 to 600 bells. Your pocket can hold sixteen items, but up to nine of the same species of fruit can be 'stacked' one upon the other (the icon changes to a bowl of fruit). Thus, when harvesting, your pocket can hold 9x16, or 144 fruits between trips to Re-Tail: this reduces the time wasted while harvesting by nine. One trip gathering tropical fruit earns over 40,000 bells, one trip gathering temperate fruit earns one over 80,000 bells.

Last, non-native perfect fruit sell at Re-Tail for 3,000 bells each! Unfortunately, when you plant non-native Perfect fruit in your town, the resulting trees will bear fruit that are not perfect. If you grow a perfect fruit tree, after you harvest it a few times the tree will lose its leaves and one of the fruits will become rotten. This has to be disposed by payment to Re-Tail or dropped in a trash can for free. Fertilizer will increase the chance of trees growing perfect fruit, as will using a golden shovel. Details follow.

Native fruit

Each town has a 'native fruit'. This fruit can be found on trees all over the town at the beginning of the game. This fruit is chosen at random and can be one of the following:
    • Apples apple.png
    • Cherries Cherry.png
    • Oranges Orange.png
    • Peaches Peach.png
    • Pears pears.png

Though each town can have one type of native fruit, it is possible to have all of the temperate and tropical fruits in one town.

Perfect fruit

For each temperate fruit, there is a special variety called 'perfect fruit.' a perfect fruit's appearance is slightly different and can be sold for more Bells at stores than its regular counterpart, making it a good way to
perfect cherries and normal cherries.JPG
Perfect cherries (left) compared to normal cherries (right)

make Bells easily. Perfect fruit can be found as early as the beginning of the game. Only one perfect fruit will appear at first and can be found on a regular fruit tree with two other regular fruits.

The perfect fruit can be replanted to make a perfect fruit tree that grows three perfect fruit. However, the tree will go bare and stop growing fruit after it has been harvested 4-7 times. It will also drop a rotten fruit which must be disposed by payment to Re-Tail or disposed in a trash can. Fertilizer will increases the chance of trees growing perfect fruit, and using a golden shovel will increase the chance. Also, only perfect varieties of your own native fruit can be planted to make a perfect fruit tree. If you plant a foreign perfect fruit, it will grow into a regular fruit tree.

Tropical fruit

There are fruits that can be found only on the island's warm beach or tropical islands. They are:
  • Durian
  • Lemon
  • Lychee
  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Coconut

All of these fruits, with the exception of coconuts, are new to the Animal Crossing series. On Tortimer's island, only two fruits can be found. Fruit found only on the grassy interior will be durian, lemon, lychee, or mango. The other fruit is found on the beach and grows on palm trees. These palms are either banana or coconut. All fruits can be taken back to the town and planted, palms on the beach. The fruits that do not appear on your island can be obtained by harvesting from other islands during tours, or obtained from other players. Unlike temperate fruits, there are no perfect tropical fruits.


One fruit is found neither in the village nor on a tropical island: the persimmon. These are also new to the Animal Crossing series. They can be obtained either from the gardening section of the 'T&T Emporium' department store for 1,000 bells, or through a random gift encounter from one of the villagers. Because it is a tropical fruit, there are no perfect persimmons.
stuffac 004.JPG
A persimmon tree.

Obtaining a persimmon from a gift exchange.


Bamboo is a grass. A shoot sells for 750 bells at Re-Tail. Seeds are available at the garden shop for 3,000 bells, after the shop's final expansion or you can get it as a gift. Bamboo goes through four stages of growth. When in the fourth stage, the bamboo can be harvested. Sometimes around the bamboo plants, little stars that look like buried objects appear: if you dig these, you receive a bamboo seed. This can be re-planted, sold, or eaten. Bamboo can be planted in groups with no spaces in-between (on adjacent tiles, unlike trees), but it must have one free place around it to be harvested. If left unharvested the bamboo will continue to self-sow and spread across open and unobstructed area. It is best to limit the area you grow bamboo with designs on the ground, or make sure all bamboo is harvest before going on an extended vacation from the game or time traveling. Current perennial gardeners bury metal or plastic plates that interconnect like ancient Greek shields, to prevent the virulent spreading of bamboo roots.

Sale prices

Fruits can be sold to both Re-Tail and the Nookling Stores.
Type of fruit
Sell price to Re-Tail
Sell price to Nookling Store
Native fruit
100 Bells
80 Bells
Tropical fruit
250 Bells
200 Bells
Foreign fruit
500 Bells
400 Bells
Perfect native fruit
600 Bells
480 Bells
Perfect foreign fruit
3,000 Bells
2,400 Bells
Prices increase by 20% if the 'Bell Boom' ordinance is in effect.