In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, furniture can be placed inside the player's house, where it can be rotated and pushed into place. Furniture can be acquired in a number of ways, such as being purchased at Timmy & Tommy's store, Re-Tail, won in contests, found in the recycling bin or the lost & found, special events, given by villagers, or found in trees. Timmy & Tommy will buy your piece of furniture for exactly 1/4 of its worth. Some furniture is special and cannot be purchased. There are 1,214 pieces of furniture (not counting DLC items) needed to complete the catalog.

Happy Home Academy points

A complete series, set or theme awards the character with bonus HRA points. A series needs all furniture to be placed in a room to provide any bonus, and then awards additional points for either or both the matching wall and flooring. A theme reverses this - the wall and flooring alone will provide a bonus, and then each furniture piece in the theme will add to the bonus. It is possible to have a complete theme and a complete series (minus the wallpaper and flooring) and receive bonuses for both. Sets do not have wallpaper and flooring. They merely provide a bonus if all furniture items in a set are in a room.

Feng Shui

In each Animal Crossing game, you can earn more HRA points by using the theory of "feng shui" (improving life by being positive, in chinese). Basically, if you put different colored furniture in certain areas, you earn more points. Yellow furniture should go in the west, green furniture in the south, and red furniture in the east.

Lists of Furniture

Below you can find every series, theme, and set individually, with information and pictures.

  • Boxing Theme
  • Construction Theme
  • Mad Scientist Theme
  • Mario Theme
  • Mossy Garden Theme
  • Nursery Theme
  • Pirate Ship Theme
  • Spa Theme
  • Space Theme
  • Western Theme


  • Apple Set
  • Bear Set
  • Bonsai Set
  • Cactus Set
  • Cafe Series
  • Chess Set
  • Citrus Set
  • Creepy Set
  • Dharma Set
  • Dr.'s Set
  • Drum Set
  • Flower Set
  • Frog Set
  • Guitar Set
  • Homework Set
  • House Plant Set
  • Lucky Cat Set
  • Museum Set
  • Nintendo Set
  • Office Set
  • Panda Set
  • Pear Set
  • Pine Tree Set
  • String Section Set
  • Totem Pole Set
  • Vase Set
  • Watermelon Set
  • Zen Set
  • Zen Garden


When the player upgrades the Nookling store for the first time, the shop will have a digital catalog for use for T&T Mart and onwards. The player can use the catalog to order items that the player had already obtained before (at the same normal shop price) in a quick and convieint way. Like the previous games, ordering an item from the catalog will be delivered on either 9AM or 5PM (which ever time is closet to) via mail. Completing a progress of the catalog will reward the player in badges via Phineas. Remember that only most items can be bought at the catalog. Other items from events or special ways CANNOT be bought via catalog.

Right below is a list of what you cannot buy from the catalog...

Un-Orderable Items

All pieces of art
All animal photos
Ice Series (from Mama Snow)
Golden Series (from Cyrus)
Sweets Series (from Gracie)
Pave Series (from Festivale)
Mushroom Series (from mushrooms)
Gracie Series (from Gracie)
Gorgeous Series (from Gracie)
Egg Series (from Bunny Day)
Sloppy Series (from Re-Tail)
Trump Series (from Gracie)
Balloon Series (from balloons)
Princess Series (from Gracie)
Mermaid Series (from Island)
Snowman Series (from Snowman)
Cabana Series (from Island)
Mario Theme (from fortune cookies)
Creepy Theme (from Halloween)
Pirate Theme (from Pascal)
Nintendo Set (from fortune cookies)
Fish Set (from Chip)
Insect Set (from Nat)
12 grapes (from Countdown)
ATM (from savings rewards)
Island kitchen (from island)
Academy gold medal (from HRA)
Academy silver medal (from HRA)
Academy pennant (from HRA)
Hydrangea bed (from Grass Day)
Easter basket (from Bunny Day)
Wedding cake (from Gracie)
Life ring (from island)
Ukulele (from Club Tortimer)
Lovely phone (from Fireworks)
Ultra cop (from Fireworks)
Ultra hand (from Fireworks)
Ultra machine (from Fireworks)
Espresso maker (from Brewster)
Ornament boar (from New Year's Day)
Ornament dog (from New Year's Day)
Ornament hare (from New Year's Day)
Ornament ox (from New Year's Day)
Ornament horse (from New Year's Day)
Ornament monkey (from New Year's Day)
Ornament dragon (from New Year's Day)
Ornament tiger (from New Year's Day)
Ornament bird (from New Year's Day)
Ornament rat (from New Year's Day)
Ornament ram (from New Year's Day)
Ornament serpent (from New Year's Day)
Letter set (from savings rewards)
Chocolates (from Club Tortimer)
Curling stone (from Snow Man)
Cacao (from Valentine's Day)
Cool globe (from Nature Day)
Bell ornament (from Countdown)
Wall sock (from Naughty-or-Nice Day)
Wall life ring (from Island)
Slalom gate (from Snow Man)
Cucumber horse (from Obon)
Safe (from savings rewards)
Gold home trophy (from HRA)
Silver home trophy (from HRA)
Gold mome model (from HRA)
Gold trophy (from Chip)
Silver trophy (from Chip)
Gold bug trophy (from Nat)
Silver bug trophy (from Nat)
Festive wreath (from Jingle)
Ski slope lift (from Snow Man)
Coffee cup (from Brewster)
Coffee mill (from Brewster)
Coffee maker (from Brewster)
Cosmos fan (from Grass Day)
Siphon (from Brewster)
Sea globe (from Club Tortimer)
Jacuzzi (from Club Tortimer)
Sugar & milk (from Brewster)
Aluminum case (from savings rewards)
Artificial snow maker (from Snow Man)
Ski board (from Snow Man)
Sketchbook (from Maiko)
Jacob's Ladder lamp (from Grass Day)
Sand castle (from Club Tortimer)
Snowboard (from Snow Man)
Snowmobile (from Snow Man)
Violet screen (from Grass Day)
World map (from Maiko)
Diver Dan (from island)
Sleigh (from Yukinko)
Songpyeon (from Autumn Moon)
Treasure chest (from island)
Bamboo grass (from Tanabata)
Box chair (from Re-Tail)
Box closet (from Re-Tail)
Box sofa (from Re-Tail)
Box table (from Re-Tail)
Box bed (from Re-Tail)
Globe (from Maiko)
Tulip chest (from Grass Day)
Chocolate cake (from Valentine's Day)
Dango (from Autumn Moon)
Azalea stool (from Grass Day)
Box of tissues (from savings rewards)
[[#|Digital photo]] frame (from Maiko)
Ten billion barrel (from Fireworks)
Toy camera (from Maiko)
Bronze fish trophy (from Chip)
Bronze bug trophy (from Nat)
New Year's Eve noodles (from Countdown)
Eggplant cow (from Obon)
Birthday candle (from birthday)
Birthday cake (from birthday)
Birthday table (from birthday)
Birthday board (from birthday)
Hibiscus clock (from Grass Day)
Boxed figure (from Fireworks)
[[#|Bouquet]] (from Grass Day)
Beach table (from island)
Rose sofa (from Grass Day)
Pansy table (from Grass Day)
Sailboat model (from Explorer's Day)
Picnic basket (from Labor Day)
Beach chair (from island)
Rice cake (from Girl's Day)
Jack-in-the-Box (from Halloween)
Sunflower player (from Grass Day)
Piggy bank (from savings rewards)
Fruit basket (from Harvest Festival)
Bureom (from Daeboreum)
Berlinier (from Countdown)
Cornucopia (from Harvest Festival)
Bottled ship (from Club Tortimer)
Bobsleigh (from Snow Man)
Miniature car (from Fireworks)
Mini Snow hut (from Yukinko)
Wheat bundle (from Autumn Moon)
Hibiscus (from Arbor Day)
Veggie basket (from Autumn Moon)
Post office poster (from savings rewards)
Snow bunny (from Yukinko)
Snowman (from Snow Man)
Snowman matryoshka (from Yukinko)
Lily record player (from Grass Day)
Yut (from Lunar New Year)
Love tester (from Fireworks)
Resetti model (from Groundhog Day)
Oden hotpan (from DLC)
7-Eleven sign (from DLC)
7-Eleven [[#|register]] counter (from DLC)
7-Eleven model (from DLC)
Turkey (from DLC)
Steamed bun case (from DLC)
Buche de Noël (from DLC)