Gracie Grace

Getting T&T Emporium

Gracie Grace is a stylish, snooty giraffe who sells wildly expensive clothing. She continues, from the first version, to park anywhere and throw her used tires in the river. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, Gracie Grace sells items on the top floor of the T&T Emporium department store. When your department store becomes T.I.Y., convincing her to open a store in your town convinces the Nooklings to change their T.I.Y. into T&T Emporium.

Convincing Gracie to Open a Shop

Check the plaza around the town tree each day and you will eventually find her. If you are dressed properly (each piece of your ensemble has the same 'look'), she will be impressed. When you next see her next, she may request that you show her your clothing of a particular theme (impression). You can use the clothing themes page to build your ensembles.

Seasonal Clothing

Once the T&T Emporium and Gracie Grace's shop moves in, note that she changes the selection of items each season. In addition, she sells unique items during Sales. Here is the list of items associated with each season and the items found during the sales events:


(December through February)
Gorgeous Series
Pulse Shirt Long
Elegant Hat
Gorgeous Wall
Cow Shirt
Cloche Hat
Gorgeous Floor
Giraffe Pants
Coin Headpiece
Blue Argyle Top Long
Zebra Pants
Red Argyle Top Long
Tiger Pants
Masquerade Mask
Giraffe Shirt
Cow Pants
Tortoise Spectacles
Zebra Shirt
High-cut Sneakers
Fir Tree Dress
Sheepskin Boots
Tiger Shirt


(March through May)
Princess Series
Two-tone Pants
Bridal Veil
Princess Wall
Kneepad Pants
Small Silk Hat
Princess Carpet
Pink Argyle Skirt
Matador Hat
Caterpillar Tee
Pure Snow Dress
Cyan Argyle Top
Ribbon Wig
Ladybug Shirt
Maid Dress
Heart Shades
Orange Pinstripe
Frilly Dress
Polka Dot Pumps
Orange Pinstripe Long
Tiara Hair
Monotone Leather Shoes
Pink Argyle Top


(June through August)
Gracie Series
Tiger Sleeveless
Brown Check Shorts
Gracie Wallpaper
Cool Shirt
Butterfly Dress
Gracie Carpet
Pink Argyle Sleeveless
Gracie Hat
Giraffe Sleeveless
Pink Camisole
Actress Hat
Gracie's Top
Cow Sleeveless
Showy Headdress
Groovy Shirt
Coral Shirt
Gradation Sunglasses
Groovy Sleeveless
Coral Sleeveless
Gracie Glasses
Cyan Argyle Sleeveless
White Lace Skirt
Animal Pumps
Zebra Sleeveless
Check Shorts
White Leather Shoes


(September through November)
Sweets Series
Pink Argyle Top Long
Sundae Hat
Sweets Wall
Flan Shirt
Hot Dog Hat
Sweets Floor
Hot Dog Shirt
Witch's Hat
Blue Argyle Top
Sandwich Shirt
Mod Wig
Red Argyle Top
Pleather Vest
Retro Helmet
Shirt Circuit
Argyle Skirt
Star Shades
Chemical Denim Jacket
Chemical Jeans
Western Boots
Cyan Argyle Top Long
Cool Dress
Stripe Pumps
Pulse Shirt
Witch Robe


(February 15 to 28, May 15 to 31, August 15 to 31, November 15 to 30)
Between these dates, Gracie will have a sale. These are the items you will find.
Wedding Cake
Knit Vest
Brown Houndstooth Dress
Trump Series
Vest-Attached Shirt
Houndstooth Dress
Trump Wall
Ripped Jeans
Knit Dress
Trump Floor
Modern Umbrella
White Formal Pants
Pink Party Dress
Blue Cavalry Shirt
Matador Pants
Blue Party Dress
Red Cavalry Shirt
Leather Pants
Masquerade Dress
White Tuxedo
Idol Dress
Boy Idol Shirt
Blue Polka Dot Dress
Gracie Umbrella
Matador Shirt
Current Idol Dress
Elegant Umbrella
Dragon Team Jacket
Yellow Polka Dot Dress
Petal Parasol
Tiger Team Jacket