Just behind the railway track, there is a strip mall (also known as a shopping parade) called main street where you can find shops and buildings of many kinds. This is one of the main features of your town, that you will probably visit and/or use most.
They include:

Nook's Homes
Nooks Homes Outside.JPG
Nook's Homes

  • Tom Nook's new shop is called 'Nook Homes'.
  • The shop is found on main street, right next to the post office.
  • Open times: 10AM - 8PM (default), 6AM - 8PM (early-bird ordinance), 10AM - 12AM (night-owl ordinance).

At Nook's Homes, you can buy lots of different items to decorate the exterior of your house. These include doors, fences, hedges, different walls and roofs, paving stones, new postboxes, and complete house makeovers, but you can only get them if your house is big enough.
When you purchase an item, Tom Nook will tell you that it will be ready by tomorrow. After it's done, Tom Nook will mention
it when you next come into the shop.
Also, the Happy Home Academy (known as the Happy Room Academy in other games in the series) stand can be found in Nook Homes. Here, you can find out what your home is currently rated.

Post office
Post Office Outside.JPG
Post Office

  • Open 24/7.
  • Receive DLC via spot-pass from Pelly or Phyllis.
  • The ABD allows players to deposit and withdraw bells from their account and pay off loans to Tom Nook.

At the post office, you can mail letters, save letters, and get presents. Also, you can access your bank account.
As well as sending letters to villagers, you can send letters to your future self. When doing this, you can choose a time for it to arrive for you. Future self letters are exactly the same as normal letters when you write them, meaning that you can still attach
presents to them.
Presents (DLC) can be obtained by talking to the clerk and saying 'ask about a present'. You will not get presents all the time, so when
you ask you won't usually get one. But it's worth a try every few days as the presents are rare.
Your bank account can hold bells. When you access your bank account, you can choose from 'withdraw bells' or 'deposit' bells.

Nookling Store
Nookling Junction Outside.JPG
Nookling Junction

  • Tommy and Timmy's new store, the old Nook's Cranny, is now called the Nookling Junction, while its upgrade is called the T&T Mart.
  • First incarnation is nearly identical on the inside to what we've seen in previous entries.
  • The upgrade to the convenience store takes place a week after your public works project and after you either have spent 12,000 bells or have purchased 15 items from the Nookling Junction.
  • Another noticeable addition is a new shop (garden shop) built onto the side of the store after the first expansion.
  • Tommy and Timmy have different shifts with the exception of the final expansion, in which Timmy takes care of the second floor.
  • There are five expansions. They are: Nookling Junction, TnT Mart, Super TnT, T.I.Y., and the super store.
  • Gracie Grace will appear on the third floor when expanded to final expansion, making Gracie Grace a store of its own.

At the Nookling store, you can find furniture, tools, paper and more. In the nookling store you can purchase one fortune cookie per day, but after one expansion
you can purchase two.
Different kinds of furniture can be found at Nookling Junction (and the other expansions) daily, making it the most popular place to
purchase furniture.

AC 009.JPG
Garden Shop

Garden shop

  • The Nook family has given over the floral side of the business to a new character named Leif the sloth.
  • Since Leif is so lazy, he might not even be in the store during working hours.
  • When the Nookling Store has reached its fourth expansion, the garden shop will merge into one big "megastore".

The garden shop sells flowers and saplings as well as watering cans and axes. Once you expand, other things like fertiliser will become available.
The garden shop will sell two flower seed packs every day, and one sapling (either deciduous or pine). Also, there will be either a watering can or an axe.
You need to wait five days after starting your first public works project for the gardening shop to arrive in your main street.

Able Sisters' shop
Able Sisters Outside.JPG
Able Sisters

  • The Able Sisters and their clothing store return.
  • The inside appears largely similar to previous versions of the store.
  • The accessories part of the store, which is on the right, is run by L'abelle, the middle Able sister, who makes a return from City Folk.

Able Sisters sells shirts, dresses, tanks, skirts, shorts, trousers, and accessories. Able Sisters appears in your main street from the start of the game. Mabel sells you the clothes, and L'abelle sells you accessories. Sable works the sewing machine, and will
only talk to you if you come in and talk to her for several days.


  • Run by Kicks, who also makes a return from Animal Crossing City Folk: Let's Go to The City.
  • A new store for all your shoe and sock related needs (new needs, since this is their first inclusion in the series)
  • Takes three days to build.

Kicks is unlocked after your tenth day of being mayor, and after you spend 8,000 bells at Able Sisters.
At Kicks, you can buy anything from socks to ice skates. You can get hold of socks, tights, trainers, boots, sandals, and loads more. You can change what your feet look like with these.

AC 008.JPG

  • Run by Harriet the pink poodle.
  • Located above the Able Sisters shop.
  • Can change the hair color and style (with sliders such as 'formal or casual').
  • Can also change eye color after being open for two weeks.
  • Can get Mii mask.
  • Takes three days to build.

Shampoodle is unlocked after you spend a total of 10,000 bells between Kicks and/or Able Sisters, and Kicks must have been open for at least a week. Then, Shampoodle will open above Able Sisters.
Harriet, the owner of Shampoodle, will ask you whether you want a haircut or makeup. When changing the hair, you have to take a short quiz so she can get a 'picture' of what hairstyle to give you. Also, you can change your hair colour (there's a guide for hair colour under hair guide)

AC 007.JPG

  • The location of the museum depends on the location of the beach
    • If the beach towards the west, the museum will be on the east part of main street. If the beach is towards the east, the museum will be on the west part of main street.
  • Displays fish, bugs, fossils, and art.
  • There will now be planned exhibitions in addition to your own donations.
  • The museum is open 24/7.
  • When you first get to the museum, there is no second floor until you unlock the public works project.
  • There are rooms where you can show off anything you like.
  • To unlock the public works project for the second floor you need to donate a least 20 items and at least one of each kind of donation (bug, fish, fossil, painting) and talk to Blathers every day for two weeks.

The second floor add-on will enable you to visit Blathers' little sister Celeste, who will run a gift shop where you can get the silver tools. You can also "rent" (effectively buy) an empty exhibition room upstairs to use at your discretion for a handsome fee. The same rules apply in these rooms as for the rooms in your house.

Dream suite

AC 005.JPG
Dream Suite

  • A tapir named Luna (dream viewer) runs the shop 24/7.
  • Connect to the internet and visit other players' villages from around the world.
  • Can head to a village based on address, the type of village you desire, or by area.
  • Speak to Wendell, the starving artist, while you visit another player's dream village to get a pattern that that player created.

This public work project is unlocked by finding Isabelle asleep at the office, and a week after the completion of your first public works project. Here, you can visit other people's towns, but whatever you do won't be saved because it's all a dream. You lose all your tools when you visit a dream town, but you get them back again once you wake up.

Club LOL

  • Dr. Shrunk appears a day after upgrading the Nookling Junction into the T&T Mart.
    AC 004.JPG
    Club LOL
  • After talking to Dr. Shrunk you need to get six signatures of approval from your villagers.
  • Five days later, Club LOL will be open for business.
  • Saturday Nights are K.K.'s live concerts, where you can listen to K.K. Songs like in previous games in the franchise.
  • Sunday through Friday night is DJ K.K.'s DJ Time.
  • Every afternoon before K.K. arrives, you can learn emotions from Dr. Shrunk.

Club LOL is a new night club where K.K. Slider appears every night. On Saturdays, he plays songs with his guitar like in previous
games, but on every other night he's a DJ! You can have fun dancing with DJ. K.K. at nights by using the D-pad. The owner of Club LOL, Dr. Shrunk, will teach you emotion reactions during the afternoon before the club is open, but only if you give him food. The food can be anything and it will all have the same overall effect, but he seems to greatly enjoy getting baskets of fruit, or even better, perfect fruit.

Happy Home Showcase
Happy Home Outside.JPG
Happy Home Showcase

  • Run by Digby, the twin brother of Isabelle.
  • Can see the profiles of, and talk to (an NPC version of) the people you streetpassed with here.
  • See the exterior and interior of peoples homes that you have passed using the 3DS's feature - Spotpass (North America and Europe only) and Streetpass. You will be able to order most items in those interiors.
  • If you have 'Streetpassed' with a person multiple times, you will eventually start receiving gifts from them such as ice cream, pinwheels, balloons and more.

AC 006.JPG
Photo Booth

Photo booth

  • One of the first things that appear on main street at the start of playing.
  • Can take an ID photo (self portrait) which will be displayed on your registration card.
  • You can change the color of your photo by holding L (black and white) or R (sepia) while the photo is being taken
  • If you have learned any emotion from Dr. Shrunk at Club LOL, you can use it there for a nice posing effect!