Paintings and Sculptures

Painting Title
Real Picture
Genuine in Game
Fake Picture
Spotting the Fake
Museum Description
Proper Painting

(A Bar at the Folies-Bergère)
This painting is always genuine.
[Proper Painting]
A Bar at the Folies-Bergère

Artist: Édouard Manet
Made around 1882
Oil on canvas

Manet's last major work of art. The scene is mostly shown in the reflection in the mirror at the bar.
Perfect Painting
(Apples and Oranges)
Perfect Painting real.jpg
This painting is always genuine.
[Perfect Painting]
Apples and Oranges

Artist: Paul Cézanne
Made around 1899
Oil on Canvas

A still-life painting from Cézanne. He influenced Picasso, who said he was the father of modern painting,
Fine Painting
This painting is always genuine.
[Fine Painting]

Artist: Paul Gauguin
Made around 1892
Oil on canvas

"Arearea means "fun" or "joy" in Tahitian. It was while visiting Tahiti that Gauguin painted this picture.
Calm Painting/
gentle painting
(A Sunday Afternoon on the
Island of La Grande Jatte)
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte_real.JPG
This painting is always genuine.
[Calm Painting]
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Artist: Georges Seurat
Made around 1885
Oil on canvas

This is an example of pointillism. The scene of the crowd is actually made entirely out of small dots.
Neutral Painting
(Basket of Fruit)
Basket of Fruit_real.JPG
If the big green leaf on the top left has a hole in it from being eaten by insects, it's fake. If there is no hole made by insects in the big green leaf, it's genuine.
[Neutral Painting]
Basket of Fruit

Artist: Caravaggio
Made Around 1596
Oil on Canvas

Caravaggio's name actually comes from the town where he grew up. He later used it as his moniker.
Graceful Painting
(Beauty Looking Back)
Beauty Looking Back_real.JPG
Graceful Painting fake.jpg
If she is looking to the left, it's fake. If she is looking to the right, it's genuine.
[Graceful Painting]
Beauty Looking Back

Artist: Hishikawa Moronobu
Made in the 17th Century
Color on Silk

A hand-painted ukiyo-e print from the middle of the Edo era. It's of a fashionable lady looking backward.
Wistful Painting
(Girl with a Pearl Earring)
Wistful Painting real.jpg
Wistful Painting fake.jpg
If her hat is red, it's fake. If her hat is blue, it's genuine.
[Wistful Painting]
Girl with a Pearl Earring

Artist: Johannes Vermeer
Made around 1665
Oil on canvas

Sometimes also called The Girl in the Blue Turban. To this day, the painting's model remains a mystery.
Dynamic Painting
(Great Wave off Kanagawa)
Great Wave off Kanagawa_real.JPG
Dynamic Painting fake.jpg
In the fake, Mt. Fuji is very large and takes up most of the space under the wave. If Mt. Fuji is small, it's genuine.
[Dynamic Painting]
Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji
The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Artist: Katsushika Hokusai
Made around 1831
Woodblock print

This is the most famous piece in a series called the Thirty-Six Views, yet the actual total in the set is 46.
Serene Painting
(Lady with an Ermine)
Lady with an Ermine_real.JPG
Serene Painting fake.jpg
If she is holding a fluffy white cat, it's fake. If she is holding a skinny white ermine, it's genuine.
[Serene Painting]
Lady with an Ermine

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Made around 1490
Oil on wood panel

An ermine is a white stoat. Oddly, da Vinci only painted a handful of portraits of woman in his career.
Solemn Painting
(Las Meninas)
If the blonde girl is twice as tall as the girl to the left, it's fake. If the blonde girl is close to the same height as the girl to the left, it's genuine.
[Solemn Painting]
Las Meninas

Artist: Diego Velázquez
Made around 1656
Oil on Canvas

The painting is also known as The Maids of Honor. This Velázquez's most famous painting.
Worthy Painting
(Liberty Leading the People)
Liberty Leading the People_real.JPG

This painting is always genuine.
[Worthy Painting]
Liberty Leading the People
Artist: Eugène Delacroix
Made in 1830
Oil on Canvas

Painted during the same year as the July Revolution of 1830 in France, depicting liberty as a real figure,
Famous Painting
(Mona Lisa)
If her fingers are pointing to the bottom left corner of the picture, it's fake. If her fingers are pointing to the bottom right corner of the picture, it's genuine.
[Famous Painting]
Mona Lisa

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Started around 1503
Oil on poplar

The most famous smile in the world. No one quite knows to this very day why the woman is smiling.
Scary Painting
(Otani Oniji II)
Scary Painting real.jpg
Scary Painting fake.jpg
If he is only pointing one finger of each hand, it's fake. If he has all fingers sticking out, it's genuine.
[Scary Painting]
Otani Oniji the 3rd as Yakko Edobei

Artist: Toshusai Sharaku
Made in 1794
Woodblock print

A ukiyo-e print of an actor from the Edo period. Sharaku crafted 140 such prints within 10 months.
Jolly Painting
If the nose is made of a carrot and has green leaves hanging down, it's fake. If the nose is made of a green vegetable, it's genuine.
[Jolly Painting]

Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Made around 1573
Oil on Canvas

Arcimboldo's style was to paint a face as if it were assembled from a bunch of fruits and vegetables.
Flowery Painting

This painting is always genuine.
[Flowery Painting]

Artist: Vincent van Gogh
Made around 1888
Oil on canvas

Part of a series that van Gogh did during a period when he became obsessed with painting sunflowers.
Moving Painting
(The Birth of Venus)
Moving Painting fake.jpg
The fake has an upside-down shell.
[Moving Painting]
The Birth of Venus

Artist: Sandro Botticelli
Made around 1485
Tempera on canvas

This painting depicts the Roman goddess of love, Venus, standing in a shell after emerging from the sea.
Basic Painting
(The Blue Boy)
Basic Painting real.jpg
Basic Painting fake.jpg
If both of his arms are bent at his sides, it's fake. If only one of his arms is bent, it's genuine.
[Basic Painting]
The Blue Boy

Artist: Thomas Gainsborough
Made in 1770
Oil on canvas

This portrait of a boy in blue by Gainsborough has been a longtime favorite of the British public.
Warm Painting
(The Clothed Maja)

This painting is always genuine.
[Warm Painting]
The Clothed Maja

Artist: Francisco de Goya
Made around 1805
Oil on canvas

While we assume "Maja" is a person, it is actually just a word that meant "stylish woman" during the 1800s.
Common Painting
(The Gleaners)
This painting is always genuine.
[Common Painting]
The Gleaners

Jean-François Millet
Made in 1857
Oil on canvas

This painting depicts a common scene of the day where extra wheat is collected by the needy.
Scenic Painting
(The Hunters in the Snow)
Scenic Painting real.jpg
This painting is always genuine.
[Scenic Painting]
The Hunters in the Snow

Artist Pieter Brueghel the Elder
Made in 1565
Oil on Wood Panel

Also known as The Return of the Hunters. Brueghel's son painted as Pieter Brueghel the Younger.
Quaint Painting
(The Milkmaid)
The Milkmaid_real.JPG
Quaint Painting fake.jpg
If she is not wearing a hat, it's fake. If she is wearing a white hat, it's genuine.
[Quaint Painting]
The Milkmaid

Artist: Johannes Vermeer
Made around 1658
Oil on Canvas

Vermeer is known as a master of light. This painting demonstrates his craft with subtlety and grace.
Amazing Painting
(The Night Watch)
Amazing Painting fake.jpg

If the man in white is on the left and the man in black is on the right, it's fake. If the man in white is on the right and the man in black is on the left, it's genuine.
[Amazing Painting]
The Night Watch

Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn
Made in 1642
Oil on canvas

A painting of a city militia that was found, after restoration of the work, to take place in the daylight.
Moody Painting
(The Sower)
The Sower_real.JPG

This painting is always genuine.
[Moody Painting]
The Sower

Artost: Jean-François Millet
Made around 1850
Oil on canvas

This painting features a small town where the artist once lived. He is said to have influenced van Gogh.
Wild Painting
(Wind God and Thunder God)
Wind God and Thunder God_real.JPG
Wild Painting fake.jpg
If the dark one is on the left and the light one is on the right, it's fake. If the light one is on the left and the dark one is on the right, it's genuine.
[Wild Painting]
Folding Screen of Fujin and Raijin The Gods of Wind and Thunder

Artist: Tawaraya Sotatsu
Made in the 17th century
Gold leaf and ink on paper

Fujin, the wind god, is holding a bag that causes wind, while Raijin, the thunder god, uses taiko drums.
Nice Painting
(Young Flautist)
Nice Painting real.jpg
This painting is always genuine.
[Nice Painting]
The Fifer

Artist: Édouard Manet
Made in 1866
Oil on canvas

One of Manet's earliest works.
He influenced later painters and is called the Father of Impressionism.

Mystic Statue
Bust of Nefertiti_real.JPG
Fake Bust of Nefertiti.JPG
If her hat is spherical, it's fake. If her hat is cylindrical, it's genuine.
[Mystic Statue]
Bust of Nefertiti

Artist: Thutmose
Made around 1345 BC

Queen Nefertiti's Ancient Egyptian name means "the beautiful one has come." Her statue lives up to that.
Motherly Statue
Captoline Wolf_real.JPG
Captoline Wolf fake.jpg
If there is only one child below the wolf, it's fake. If there are two children, it's genuine.
Capitoline Wolf

Artist: Unknown
5th century BC/13th century AD

This statue of a wolf raising twins was inspired by Roman legend and originally thought to be much older.
Gallant Statue
David real.jpg
David fake.jpg
If there is cloth hanging down his right shoulder, it's fake. If his right shoulder is bare, it's genuine.
[Gallant Statue]

Artist: Michelangelo
Made around 1504

Done by Michelangelo, it depicts a young David with slinging rocks as he glares at his enemy, Goliath.
Robust Statue
Discobolus of Myron_real.JPG
Discobolus of Myron fake.jpg
If he is holding an object that has bumps on it, it's fake. If he is holding a smooth disc, it's genuine.
[Robust Statue]
Discobolus of Myron

Artist Uknown
Made in the 2nd Century

Made in ancient Rome and based on a work by ancient Greek sculptor Myron, the artist remains unknown.
Ancient Statue
Dogū fake.jpg
If its eyes are open, it's fake. If its eyes are closed, it's genuine.
Jomon Period "Dogū" Figurine Shakoki-dogu

Artist: Unknown
Made between 1000 and 400 BC
Fired pottery

Shakoki refers to how the big, round eyes look like Inuit snow goggles used for blocking light.
Great Statue

If his fingers are pointing straight out, it's fake. If his fingers are pointing upward, it's genuine.
[Great Statue]
King Kamehameha I

Artist: Thomas Ridgeway Gould
Made around 1880

This statue depicts the man who unified the Hawaiian Islands. The original was nearly lost at sea.
Valiant Statue
AC 6-24 021.JPG
If it has bat wings, it's fake. If it has feathery angel wings, it's genuine.
Nike of Samothrace

Artist: Unknown
Made around 190 BC

It is thought that the goddess of victory was supposed to look as if she was on the front of a boat.
Beautiful Statue
Beautiful Statue real.jpg
Beautiful Statue fake.jpg
If she has long hair down to her shoulders, it's fake. If her hair only goes down to cover her ears, it's genuine.
Venus de Milo

Artist Unknown
Made around 130 BC

A statue of the goddess of love found on the island of Milos. Many wonder how she originally posed.