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Post Office

Phillys and Pelly are back and this time they are in charge of the Post Office. You can send letters and presents to villagers in your own town, players in your own town, and friends you're visiting with via WiFi. You can also save letters here, it works similar to how dressers/wardrobes do for items..180 letters/items. You cannot save mail or get that months limited-time-only item when your ticket gate is open. You can also use the ABD machine. At the ABD, you can deposit or withdraw bells and pay your mortgage.

The Post Office is open 24 hours a day.
Pelly works days from 7am until 10pm.
Phyllis takes the night shift from 10pm to 7am


When using the ABD machine, you can deposit bells in your savings account and earn reward items. When you achieve a certain deposited amount, you will be sent your reward in the mail. You can also earn badges for saving enough bells.

Reward Items

(Mailed to you when you have the following amount of bells saved by the time the day starts over at 6 a.m.)
Deposited Amount
Box of Tissues
Letter Set
Piggy Bank
Aluminum Case
Post Office Poster
Delivery Person Hat

Earning Interest

On the first day of the month, you receive interest on your savings at the rate of 0.5% per month, subject to a maximum interest of 99,999 bells.

Sending Letters & Presents

You can mail letters and presents to villagers in your town, other players in your town, villagers in another town and players in another town so long as you're in their town at the time.

Before sending a present or a letter you need to purchase some stationary at whatever store the Nooklings' have currently. Make sure the letter you're sending is addressed to the right person. If you're sending a gift or letter to someone in another town, you need to be in that town when you write it and send it. Once you've got it addressed to the right person, write your letter If you're sending a gift, all you have to do is drag the item you want to send from your inventory to the letter your sending, this works whether you're mailing a letter in another town or mailing one within your town. If you'd like you can buy orange wrapping paper at the Nooklings' but it's not necessary.

Once you have the letter (and present if you're sending one) that you'd like to send, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to the post office and talk to whomever is there at the time, Pelly or Phyllis.
  2. They will ask you what you would like to do. You'll have 4 options: 'Send mail.' , 'Save mail.' , 'Ask about a present.' and 'Nothing'. Choose 'Send mail.' .
  3. Then you will be asked who you would like to send your mail to. Choose the one right for you. For now lets pretend you're at home and sending it to a villager so select 'Person in (your town name)' .
  4. Now, keep in mind the letter you wrote is blue where as letters you receive are pink. Drag the blue letters you have to send into the red window that comes up on the Touch Screen.
  5. When you're done tap 'OK'. Because you choose who the letters are addressed to when you write them, you don't need to worry about them getting to the right person.
  6. The mail will be received at the next closest delivery date assuming that the recipients mailbox is not full. Deliveries take place at 9 a.m. & 5 p.m. each day.

Saving Letters

Saving letters works very similarly to sending them.
  1. Talk to Pelly or Phyllis and select 'Save mail.'. A blue window will open on the Touch Screen that resembles your storage.
  2. Drag the letters you want to save to empty spaces in the blue window.
  3. Once you've dragged all of the letters you want saved into the empty spaces, tap close and Pelly/Phyllis will save your letters.
  4. To get them back, follows these steps again but drag saved letters FROM the blue window into your letter inventory at the bottom.
Letters that are saved can also have presents to attached to them. This gives you the ability to use the 'Save mail,' option as 180 extra storage slots for things like clothes, furniture, flowers, etc. You can't save fish, bugs, seafood, or anything that doesn't allow you to mail it to another person.

Receiving DLC

DLC or 'Downloadable Content' are items you can get once a month, for a limited time, from Nintendo. For a guide to understanding DLC and how to obtain it please visit the following link.