Here is a list of confirmed special characters, these characters are special, as they run shops or appear during certain events.

A list of characters with new jobs in New Leaf (such as K.K. Slider, Labelle, Dr. Shrunk, Tom Nook, Timmy & Tommy etc.) can be found on the upgraded characters page!



Animal Crossing NL 104.JPG
Pascal appears sometimes after you find a scallop while diving. When talking to him, he'll want his scallop back, if you give it back, he'll give you a single piece of furniture from the "Pirate Theme," if not, he won't give you anything. Also make sure that your pocket is not full!! If your pocket is full while getting the scallop, he won't come.

Animal Crossing NL 105.JPG
Here is Pascal swimming alongside the west boundary after talking to him.


Gulliver appears on beaches occasionally off the side of your town. If you speak to him enough, he will wake up. Help him remember where he was going, and you will be rewarded exclusive furniture the next day.
AC Stuff 001.JPG
A player finds Gulliver asleep on the beach.

AC Stuff 002.JPG
Talking to Gulliver so he'll wake up.

AC Stuff 004.JPG
He will say funny things.

AC Stuff 007.JPG
He will ask you a random question to where he was headed, it is a multiple choice question of usually countries as answers, 1 is correct.

AC Stuff 008.JPG
Getting his question right.

AC Stuff 025.JPG
The next day, you'll receive a letter from Gulliver with a present attached. If you got his question correct, you get an exclusive piece of furniture (corresponding with question), if wrong, you get a Gold Coin (edible chocolate).

AC Stuff 026.JPG
Left: gold coin (wrong answer, looks like a bell). Right: mummy casket (correct answer, corresponding with Egypt answer).

To wake up Gulliver faster you can equip the megaphone tool and say "Gulliver" in the 3DS mic.

Gulliver surprised after waking up.

You can change the time/calendar before
playing to re-visit Gulliver the day you
saw him, which can help you get all of the
exclusive furniture quicker.
AC Stuff 020.JPG
(You don't have to do this) If you have a police station, talk to either Booker or Copper and they'll tell you about what has been happening lately, cluing you in.

AC Stuff 021.JPG
Gulliver will sometimes appear on your beach the day it storms or after it has stormed in your town.

Copper telling a character about a storm (That means Gulliver is going to be in your town).

This stalwart monkey tends the train station. Visit the station and speak to Porter whenever you wish to play online or over wi-fi with friends. Porter can assist you with booking trips to visit other players' towns, or with opening or closing your town's gate to either allow or deny visiting players. He resembles the monkey villager in City Folk, Champ. Champ was rumored to be based off of Porter in Animal Forest.

Tom Nook

Tom Nook is a raccoon (Tanuki in Japanese versions) and has appeared in every Animal Crossing game. Like in previous games in the series, he helps the player move into a house after arriving in town. Unlike in previous games, he no longer runs the town shop. He now runs a real estate business with Lyle and helps the player customize and expand his or her house. Nook has changed his trademark blue apron to a green sweater.

Timmy and Tommy

Timmy and Tommy are raccoon brothers (Tanuki in Japanese versions), with Timmy being the oldest. In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, they were assistants to Tom Nook once the store completed the final upgrade to Nookington's. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they run the town store alone. They are also his nephews, although some villagers will tell you that he found them on the street and took them in and cared for them. Once the T&T Mart upgrades to Super T&T (the second upgrade), Tommy runs the store on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Timmy will take over as shopkeeper on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Timmy and Tommy Nook.png

Mabel, Sable and L'abelle

Mable, Sable, and L'abelle, better known as the Able Sisters, are hedgehogs that run the tailor shop in the town. Mable serves the customers in the main room and Sable sits in the corner sewing clothes. Mable is the more outgoing one of the two, whereas Sable is shy and will only talk to the player reluctantly until she is fully befriended. If you talk to Sable enough days in a row, she will begin to open up to you and allow you to use the QR code machine. Eventually, she will also give you a mannequin. L'abelle (pronounced "la-BELL") is the middle Able Sister who was absent from the Able family up until the revelation in City Folk that she was the missing sister. She previously worked as a store manager at GracieGrace in the city, and in New Leaf it appears that she has made up with her sisters Mabel and Sable. You can find her running the accessories wing of the Able Sisters store. In the corner of L'abelle's part of the store, there appears to be some kind of certificate from GracieGracie (hint: the pattern on the bow). In Japanese versions she is known as Kate.
The Able Sisters

K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider (Totakeke) has appeared in all Animal Crossing games to date, and sings songs to the player on Saturday nights. On other nights, he appears as a D.J.
DJ KK.png
K.K. Slider


Tortimer is the former mayor of your town. He was the mayor of the town in every Animal Crossing game up to City Folk, but is thought to have retired in New Leaf -- handing over his responsibilities to the player. In his retirement he now runs tours on "The island". These tours are the only way to earn medals for buying clothes and furniture (like the Mermaid Series) on the island.


Kicks is back from his first appearance in City Folk. This time he has upgraded from shining shoes in front of an abandoned building to owning his own shoe and sock selling shop in the mall called "Kicks".


The mayor's (your) eager assistant who helps with community projects and other mayor-related duties. In Japanese Versions she is known as Shizue.


Isabelle's twin brother who runs the model home part of the mall. As he spends his time standing outside in all weather he can be seen wearing a yellow raincoat when it is raining. In Japanese versions he is known as Kent.


Reese, a pink alpaca, runs the thrift store known as "Re-Tail" with Cyrus, her husband. This is where you go to sell your items that you do not want. Examples of items confirmed she will buy from you: bugs, fish, mushrooms, fruit, shells, flowers. She will also take trash items such as the old tire. You may also put your items on display to be sold to other residents, villagers, or Wi-Fi guests. You set the price; when item is sold, the bells are automatically put in your account.


Cyrus the blue alpaca is the town's upholsterer. He is in the Re-Tail store with Reese. This is where you go to have custom furniture changes made. There are a few hundred items that can be changed. Examples of changes: colors, types of wood, your own designs. Other examples: lamp colors (Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple), or the new Playing Card furniture series (Trump Series) which originally comes in red, but can be changed to black for a hefty price. Cyrus wears a pair of overalls decorated with hearts, to match Reese.


Ocassionally Redd's tent will appear in town near the commemorative tree. He will sell painting and sculptures some of which are fakes, some that are not. Click here for help identifying forgeries. Redd will only sell one item to the player each time he visits and will send the bought item through the mail the next day.


Leif is the first sloth that has been introduced to the Animal Crossing Series. He runs the gardening store in the mall which will merge with Timmy and Tommy's store when it has been expanded the fourth time. When this happens Leif will offer a weed pulling service. He sells seeds, fertilizer and gardening tools. Along with a character called Rainy he is a key member of grass day.


Luna is a tapir introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She can be found in the Dream Suite adjacent to Club LOL once it is unlocked by talking to Isabelle when you see her fall asleep. Luna allows the player to dream walk in previously visited towns or simply any town picked up over spotpass. While in this virtual version of the town, the player can do anything they like however the changes will not be saved to the real version. Wendell is occasionally in the dream and he can give the visitor that player's patterns.