Eye guide

Two weeks after Shampoodle sets up shop in your town, you may be able to change your eye colour. You need to have had one hair style or makeover, then Harriet can afford to invest in cosmetic contact lenses. There are nine possible eye colours. An attractive English translation appears in the second image below.

These are the colors you can recieve:
*Image from Google Images
*Image from Google Images

The vast sky.
The large trees.
The endless ocean.
external image cc1.jpgPitch black.
external image cc3.jpgTheir abundant leaves.
external image cc5.jpgA tropical, blue ocean.
external image cc6.jpgA clear, blue sky.
external image cc2.jpgTheir sturdy trunks.
external image cc4.jpgA cold, wintry ocean.
external image cc4.jpgLike rain was coming.
external image cc1.jpgTheir endless shade.
external image cc3.jpgAn ocean of coral.
Anime Eyes AC-NL Colours-1.png
Anime Eyes AC-NL Colours-2.png