Shampoodle is a hair salon run by Harriet who appears again from the previous games. It is the only place you can go to get your hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour and mii mask changed. In order to unlock Shampoodle you have to have had Kicks/Shoe Shank open for 7 days and spent more than 7,000 bells at the Able Sisters and Kicks/Shoe Shank. It takes 3,000 bells to take a hair cut, change eye colour and put on a mii mask. You can do only one of these once a day. To get a completely random hairstyle: put the slider to "formal", tap "private", then tap "it's a secret".

Once Shampoodle has been open for two weeks and you have changed your hairstyle at least once, she will upgrade her machine to change the color of your eyes with contacts (see: Eye Guide) and will begin offering the haircuts of the opposite gender.

Hair Guide

When you choose business, the options are Fresh or Vintage. Not Usual
When you choose business, the options are Fresh or Vintage. Not Usual

Hair Colour Guide


Hair color gauge
Hair color gauge

1 (Totally Black!)
external image n1.gif
Burning Love
external image c6.gif
Sweet Love
external image c10.gif
external image n2.gif
external image c7.gif
Clear Sky
external image c11.gif
external image n3.gif
Deep Sea
external image c8.gif
New Leaves
external image c12.gif
external image n4.gif
external image c9.gif
Angel Wings
external image c13.gif
external image n5.gif

external image n6.gif
external image n6.gif
external image n7.gif
9 (Lighter color!)
external image n8.gif


Asking Harriet for makeup allows the player to change their appearance to look like their Mii. It costs 3,000 Bells and can be taken off or put on anytime from the custom-design tab on the bottom screen. However, when the Mii makeup is being worn, you cannot wear any headgear or accessories. If the Mii is changed using the Mii Maker, the Mii makeup will also change. Unlike the previous game, the Mii makeup does not affect the player's skin color anywhere else besides their head.
Inside of Shampoodle